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Nice fish luck

Preflop allin... 0 comment
Originally Posted by koma16
Preflop allin... 0 comment

So many people suffer from entitlement, but losing with the best hand is completely normal, and so is losing to bad players. In this situation QQ only had around 50% equity 3-ways, so half the time you are going to lose. Yet somehow it upsets people, every single time it happens. That is simply not rational. 50% is not 100%, yet anything less than winning 100% of the time upsets you.

The way to look at a hand like this is, that they both made a mistake, and you profited from it. Because of variance you just did not see that profit in your bankroll this particular time. And that is totally ok. If bad players never got lucky, they would probably stop playing pretty quickly, and then the micro and small stakes games, which most of us play, would become unbeatable due to rake.
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It’s hard to play in this tournaments, everybody hunting bountys, lots of unbelievable calls with junk cards, couple nights ago, I had 98,3% on the turn, and on the river I lost. So don’t bother about it, click on other tournament and play, no need to be tilted, it happens
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