MTT: Limit 7 stud for a change..



Entered 7 stud limit tourney with 600 people, a different experience than a hold 'em no limit tourney

The problem with a limit tourney to me was: lack of action, no fear of losing your stack at any time, any hand. And because you're never "all in", being "a little in": with a lot of bets, it can throw a no limit player's , strategy BRM off ..

If you are a no-limit tourney player, I would suggest playing a freebie limit tourney to see for yourself, you may be successful and enjoy it. :personally, it was a pretty big switch that I wasn't able to pull off effectively.


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I love playing different games like a Stud limit tournament to change things up. I enjoy a new challenge. I managed to make the final table in a couple of these, it was great fun. I find there is a lot of action in limit games, but similar to NLH where you should be folding most of the time.


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I’ve not been on many sites since Black Friday. I miss changing up games. I felt like it kept my decision making sharp when I returned to NLH.
Jon Poker

Jon Poker

I too enjoy bouncing around from different games even though my main squeeze is holdem. 7 card stud is fun and enjoyable, having to switch strategies and play different really nakes you think. I also like playing Omaha from time to time. I think it does the mind good to get out of normal routine and go for something a little different from time to time :)