keep pace with poker

Nikolay Nakhaev

Nikolay Nakhaev

From the very beginning I view poker as a living organism.
poker does not stand still and is constantly evolving.
new strategies come, new players.
so you need to keep your hand on the pulse of poker.
how do you keep up with poker?
Do you read the news every day? Are you trying to change the style of the game?
which poker news forums do you still read?
for example, I signed up for the news on the CARDMATES website.
so I know every day what in the world of poker, what important events, the life of the players of the professionalism and the newcomers M of their achievements. I also read news from different schools of poker where I have access.


It's good to keep up with playing trends, but I only check poker news sites once a week probably.


Rock Star
I have not read news on the poker world.
I've been practicing a lot, playing live tournaments, playing a lot of freerolls, a few micro-buy-in tournaments and I've evolved every game.
I also understand that this part of reading on the subject, to follow more closely everything that happens is not in my day to day.
I need to improve that part for sure.

Good game and good luck to everyone ever!