Did i play this hand wrong, tripp jacks in seven stud tourny



#Game No : 3565373416
***** Hand History for Game 3565373416 *****
7 Card Stud $6 Buy-in Trny:20228486 Level:5 Stakes-Antes(400/800-50) - Thursday, February 16, 21:51:30 ET 2006
Table Speed #1130054 (real money)
Seat 0 is the button
Total number of players : 6
Seat 6: billyjadmire ( $240 )
Seat 7: Quartris ( $5720 )
Seat 3: Blazed_ronin ( $3295 )
Seat 5: bebe459 ( $3755 )
Seat 2: MikeRotch7 ( $2095 )
Seat 8: kazek1 ( $895 )
Trny:20228486 Level:5
MikeRotch7 posts ante [50].
Blazed_ronin posts ante [50].
bebe459 posts ante [50].
billyjadmire posts ante [50].
Quartris posts ante [50].
kazek1 posts ante [50].
** Dealing **
Dealt to Blazed_ronin [ 4s Js Jd ]
kazek1 opens.
kazek1 bring-ins [100].
Blazed_ronin: rolled up tripps, beautiful
MikeRotch7 folds.
Quartris: ty :)
Blazed_ronin calls [100].
bebe459 calls [100].
billyjadmire is all-In [190]
Quartris completes [400].
kazek1 folds.
Blazed_ronin raises [700].
bebe459 folds.
Quartris calls [400].
** Dealing Fourth street **
Dealt to Blazed_ronin [ 2s ]
Blazed_ronin opens.
Blazed_ronin bets [400].
Quartris calls [400].
** Dealing Fifth street **
Dealt to Blazed_ronin [ Jc ]
Blazed_ronin opens.
Blazed_ronin bets [800].
Quartris raises [1600].
Blazed_ronin is all-In [1245]
Quartris calls [445].
** Dealing Sixth street **
Dealt to Blazed_ronin [ Ts ]
** Dealing River **
Dealt to Blazed_ronin [ 3c ]
Quartris shows [ 5c, 5d, 5s, 2c, 2d, Qc, 4d ] a full house, Fives full of twos.
Blazed_ronin shows [ 4s, Js, Jd, 2s, Jc, Ts, 3c ] three of a kind, jacks.
billyjadmire shows [ Kh, Kd, Kc, 6s, 6d, Ac, 8c ] a full house, Kings full of sixes.
Quartris wins 6110 chips from side pot #1 with a full house, Fives full of twos.
billyjadmire wins 1070 chips from the main pot with a full house, Kings full of sixes.
Blazed_ronin finished in sixth place.

I have to admit i didn't see this beat coming, it happened at the end of my eight hour session and my mind wasn't completly on playing,Any advice would be helpful


Well its hard to come across trips in the hole in Stud, but maybe you just overplayed your Jacks. Trip 9's-J-s are only the average winning hand at 7 card stud, you need to be able to spot betting patterns to know when your beat. Youve also gone way too far with your pair of JAcks by the time 4th street hit.


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Were your opponents hands in the same order as shown on the history? (i.e they were dealt 3 5's and 3 K's?). Obviously the Billyjagmire character can be ignored as he was v.small stacked, but without knowing what you can see on board it's hard to tell. I think i'd disagree with Tenbob here - when he re-raised your pair of jacks when he "should" have been beat you probably knew you were doomed, but you were too far in by then. You had a big enough hand to go to war with, just unlucky that he got the 2nd 2 when you got your 3rd J - you were too far in by then to pull out though. I'm no Stud expert though (only won 1 P'Stars SnG out of about 5 or 6).


I'm no stud expert either but I think I would call this a bad beat. TWO full houses?!!! I don't think this is common in stud. They both had trips to START! There was nothing you could do to prevent this from happening. I would laugh this off and win the next stud tournament. Speaking of which, I got to play a stud tournament at some point next week. Or even Omaha.


I had them both pegged for tripps, just not rolled up tripps. When they both turn boats I had to laugh. It's one thing to get beat by one but two in the same hand, I just wasn't met to win that hand. Oh well, I won a another stud Sit and Go this morning but it was an 11 dollar one, so i still won in the end.

This is me waving my middle finger aroung furiously at those guys who beat me yestereday. If i had a monkey i would make him wave his finger around too.
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