Help with hand



This have was late in tournament

Just ITM with about 30 players remaining

Hero has 13 BB
Villain had about 20

Villain UTG +2. Raised 2.5 BB.
I flatted with AhQs.

Heads up to flop. 8h 9h 4s.
I checked.
Villain pot sized c-bet.
Had noticed villain pot sized c -bet pretty frequently

I folded

Should I have folded pre flop. Possibly c-bet or floated flop.

I'll lost on the correct play here.

Any advice would be appreciated


well, you have 13bbs so don't call. Call is the worst option here. We know nothing about villain, and im not mtt specialist but I know you shouldn't call here. Maybe fold is correct vs utg+2.


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Based on your limited chip stack, flatting a call is never a good idea, not to mention A/Q off suit is generally not a good drawing hand. If you had A/Q h, you would've been in a nice position to still value bet and call freely hoping to hit your nut flush.

Same with A/J, A/T, A/Q, those hands are very tough to play, because you can generally get beat by lower pairs/higher kicker in A/K. Since he raised pre-flop, and you had position, I would've taken a stab at the pot with a value bet considering how dry the flop was. Although, there is some straight/heart draw/flushes, you said you noticed he c-bets frequently, probably to steal some pots, so I guesstimate is that he is somewhat moderately aggressive.


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You are short here; you can't call his raise. For me it's clear shove, folidng and calling is really bad here, especailly calling.


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Principg is totally right here 13 big blinds is a time when you want to be heads up from flop to river with AQ in my opinion


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Personally I would not have paid for my stack, maybe if the cards were AQs, you also have to see what reading you had from that opponent and more if you have seen that the villain pot sized c -bet pretty frequently


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After the bubble I try to get a little more aggressive since there is not usually a change in winnings by holding on for a few people to bust out.

Without specific knowledge contrary have to put him on a A or middle pair in this case I would fold the AQ and bide my time.


I think I'm jamming pre here is what I doing in this position, but as played just folding the flop after checking it is ok. Villian may make regular pot size c-bets but he's pot committed with 20bb after opening 2.5bb and making a pot size bet on the flop. Villian have approx half of his stack in and your not going to push villain off by making it another 4bb or so to go after his c-bet.
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