fast tournaments

Everyone knows local tournament structures are fast in nature. That particular poker room wants the tourney over quick as possible, and wants the participants to stick around and play cash games, that's why they put on these things in the 1st place. I've finished reading Arnold Snyder's book "The Poker Tournament Formula". his advice for tourneys that play fast, I E 20 minute blinds, starting stacks a little bigger than 50 BB'sbutton, is , unless you get pocket needles, kings, queens, or big slick, only play (in a 9 handed table) the cutoff and button. For the cutoff if no one comes in before you, raise no matter what you got. if there's limping, or raising before your action, fold. On the button, call any limp, and raise if your first to act, again no matter what you got. He also advises practice this in real tourneys. I tried this, and came in 2nd at the shoe in Tunica. course there was only 26 players in the daily tourney. got $400 from a buy in of $65. WSOP is coming to Tunica Jan 20th, and I'm thinking of using this strategy again. I would like to know your thoughts on this. This structures gonna be starting $100/$100 with an ante of $100, starting with $15 large in chips. lemme know what ya'll think..... Thanks