Face a river bet .



Good , I doubt arise when deciding whether the call is profitable or not long-term vs a bet on the river without using any software Equilab because it can not be used online or live or while you are playing the hand.
:confuso: Give an example:
Getting to know I need a minimum 29 % equity in river for the call to be profitable is clear , what is not clear to me how I can know that I have the % vs his range without using any software Equilab .
The exercise assumes a value range AA- QQ , 99, 33 , AQ = 25 combos
The exercise involves a range of bluffing As2s , As4s , As5s , As6s , As7s , As8s , ASTS , AsJs , ASKs , KSJS , KSTS , JsTs = 12 combos
As I do ? Thanks in advance to which you pass by here to share their conociminetos .:confuso:
Jim Brown

Jim Brown

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I am having trouble understanding the question, but the basic formula would be the amount to call divided by the total pot including your call.

I think you're saying you understand that part. Then how to know what % you have vs his range depends on what his range is. This you have to determine by playing history and the actions taken

Assuming this is a closing call after the river with the ranges given for villain then you lose to 25 value combos and beat 12 bluff combos. ~68% lose 32% win you could call about 3/4 pot sized bet.
$75 / (100 + 75 + 75) = 30%

The real difficulty is how accurately you can determine what % of villains range beats or loses to you. Has villain taken a line like this before? Is villain capable of running a stone cold bluff here, etc.