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i was playing the 0.11 100gtd on acr today and in the small blind I got KQo. the blinds were 75/150/15 ante, no where near the bubble and no reads on anyone. stack sizes of those involved 4,000-6,000

two early position limps and the button raises to 750 (just over the pot at that time). what should calling/raising range be on the SB and BB for that matter. it seems to me it would need to be nearly premium since the others in the hand would either be small pockets, connectors, or ace/big at this point and to face down 3 of them for what will quickly become a big pot would not be much fun with most hands.

any thoughts?
hugh blair

hugh blair

KQ might defend here folding here ok too as risk getting squeezed by original limpers who limped with AA or KK all depends on the button player is he aggressive tight hard to say you could find a better spot in my opinion.
But KQ with correct pot odds or implied odds is well playable.
Big pair or AK minimum would be a better spot but what doubles you in one hand will cripple you in next one hard to say good luck.:)


A first thought you must have in your head;
>stop thinking that always an early position limp can be an AA or KK!

Can be? Yes... but you have to understand that at the limit you are playing ($0.11 buy-in) this limp is mostly done by bad players who like to limp with low pairs and generally suited cards, so don't be afraid of it!

You also shouldn't be afraid of Button's raise, after all, he is raising IN POSITION against two limps, of course he'll do this with a very loose range of hands.

In this situation the call is the worst of the options, 'cause you can take a squeeze or, in the 'best' scenario, you'll play OUT OF POSITION on a multiway pot.
In my opinion, this is a great pot for you to try a more aggressive move, like a 4bet light, that is, 4bet to try to take the pot and if there's any more raise after you simply disconnect the hand.

Oh, one more thing! You have a K in your hand, it's a blocker that lessens the chances that any of the other players have hands like KK or AK...
>combinations of KK - AK without your blocker = KK 6 and AK 16
>combinations of KK - AK with your blocker = KK 3 and AK 12

I hope I have helped you in some way.
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I would not defend this hand in the small blind. It's off suit and you would be out of position after the flop.


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I prefer not to play OOP, on SB especially, most of time. Depending on being on SB, I would fold even KQo hand most likely. It's hard to make some profit on MTT with this hand against several players OOP. The hand maybe looks good but you need 2pair+ on the flop to be totally sure you are ahead. And it'll be hard play every time no matter what the flop brings.