My biggest beef with online tourneys



Seems poker stars wants to pay as many people as possible a little something something so there are as many winners as possible. A tournament of 4500 people is paying nearly 850 places which dilutes the payouts massively and you dont make much unless you make the final table and arguably the top 3 positions.

Do you think that Poker Stars would seriously consider adding a few top heavy tournaments with fewer winners (say maybe the 10% of the field) so the payouts could grow a little if I asked them nicely to add a few of these?

How do you all feel about spending 6 hours in a tournament to win $24? Do you look at it as you are getting value on your entertainment dollar or do you feel like you are working for minimum wage?

Would you join me in asking Poker Stars in creating a few top heavy tournaments? Should I refer to them as top heavy or is there a better name for my payout structure requested tournaments?

Would you play in these top heavy tournaments? I think these might be best kept in the $5-$15 entry range but at what dollar amounts would you consider playing?

Is there anything I can add to my request email that you think would increase my chances of getting these added to the schedule?
Eric Salvador

Eric Salvador

This is why so many online players multi table. You need to understand that many tournaments pay structure is the same. I would focus on playing more tables instead of asking for these structures