The Beginner's Guide to Freerolls Part 3: The R in DRAGON




Today we are talking about the driving force behind a raise. There are 3 main reasons you should raise more often. They are:

-Taking control of the pot
-Giving your opponent the chance to make a mistake
-Getting value from your hand or getting your opponent off of a hand when you know you are beat

Keeping these things in mind, when in doubt you should fold. When you have a good hand, stack your opponent. As you play you will learn when the best time to raise is and what isn't. When there's an all spades board out there and it comes to you, don't play scared because if you raise you may get a huge pot uncontested. People's fear is what a The Dragon feeds on. Be the DRAGON.

This lesson may be short but if you take these three reasons why you should raise and memorize them by heart, you will be sure to be a dominating force at the table. Next lesson comes an important concept relating to this one. Look for "The Beginner's Guide to freerolls Part 4: The A in DRAGON" later on this week because we will be talking about aggression and how to exploit your opponents with it, also including some tactics you can use at the table to make your stack explode.
hugh blair

hugh blair

Yes sometimes both players have the same hand and the most aggressive player wins.


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I like it, good advice here. So many players just raise with no thought behind why they are doing it.

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Raising and Re-Reraisng should be discussed in terms of ranges which Range you could limp/fold, raise/ fold ,raise /call or raise/shove and which range you 3-bet and against whom or what kind of players it could be used to counter attack or exploit and this will be based on their ranges and their attitudes (Voluntary Pot inputs,LAG/TAG ,Conservative,Open calls, Calling stations ,Aggro Maniacs, and all Splashy and lucky or unlucky fancy players) you have to pay attention to the kind of players you are raising sodo it 70% of times in position and unless you have trapped Checking/Shoving on an Aggro Maniac with a set or a flush or with the Nuts and he comitted himself more than half pot or engaged most of his stack in the middle and you stack them.
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