Was this a bad mis-play on my part?



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I was 7 handed in a $10 tournament last night, top 4 got paid.

I was in middle position, right next to the cut-off. I had AA, and I raised to 3.5 times big blind. The small blind only had 3 BBs left so they called all in, and the big blind flatted the raise. The big blind had a similar stack size to me. I was in 4th, he was in 5th at the time.

The flop was 2 6 7 rainbow. I bet around 3/4 pot on the flop, and the big blind called.

The turn was another 7. The big blind open shoves the turn for close to 4 times the pot. I thought for a while, and ended up folding. Every time I call this type of shove I seem to see a 7 or a full house almost always. Best case scenario is I see like jacks or queens, which I beat, but this usually doesn't seem to be the case from my experience. Anyway, in this instance, since the small blind was all in, I see the big blind turn over 56 off suit for second pair on the flop.... I have no idea if his shove was a bluff or if he thought he really had the best hand, but it seems like an insane shove to me. It got me to fold aces, which made me livid, and probably even more so because I ended up bubbling the tourney in 5th. :(.

Was this the correct fold with aces, or should I have sucked it up and made the call?


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To be honest we would need to know your thoughts on the player in the BB to make a better answer. We really need to know how much in chips you would estimate he had as well. Based on what you said he pushed on the turn the stacks were still deep. Base on what we have here he called you raise and the all in for 2.5BB to win a pot that is 8.5BB so he needs to win about 22% of the time so he can call you widely here. When he check calls your flop be he most likely has a 6 or 7 or some type of draw or possible over pair. Pot is about 26.5BB based on what you said so far. When he shoved the turn what could he have? It does look like he is protecting his hand like a 6 as the 7 most likely did not change anything but like you I have seen this move by players with the 7 trying to stack me as well. It could also be an overpaid here. If he is shoving 4x pot here I can blame you for folding as I would have too here. The one thing you need to remember the next time you play him is this hand. Now that you know he could be doing this with such a hand you can be better prepared to play against him.


After the flop you should go all in in this situation not allowing him to bluff you. It’s really unlikely that he have trips. All in after the flop it’s only right play here to take the pot.