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May 3, 2008
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I've been getting crushed in the CC freerolls all week, but have been playing both NL and PLO8 PKO's and at least getting my buyin's back and a little more like a buck or two so nothing great.

Tonight I signed up for a PLO8 PKO $8.8 buyin about an hour into late reg. Was a long game and little by little I collected chips and wound up in first for a good portion of the last couple hours. Then got shoved on and called with a better hand but it didn't hold. Was down to 5BB everyone else 14-30 BB or so. And I came back to come in second place.

Only $14 in bounties, + t $78.60 prize (first place got the same) would have meant another $25 if I binked it, but a lot of fun none the less

Biggest win for me in quite a while

Just shows Never give up second is so much better than 5th
and yeah I am cbdcure in the image below (sorry for the crappy image, but lobby is gone now)

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Mar 19, 2019
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Well done. CC freerolls is definitely a way to ger better.