Is there an option/setting to simplify the strategy produced by Simple Postflop?

What I mean by the title is if there is a button, or setting or such that I could use to "round" the strategy's very specific percentages (e.g. AA bets 76.12% --> AA bets 80%) to make the strategies easier to implement.

I don't just mean to round them to whole numbers AFTER the strategy was created, without taking into account the simplification's effect on the strategy. I mean if there is a way to make it so it builds the entire strategy in a way where it takes into account the fact that it simplified the strategy and hence needs to change other parts of the strategy to make up for the simplification.
e.g. If there are 10 hands that would bet 3.23% of the time, but now none of them are betting because they are all rounded down to 0%, it needs to change the strategy in order to make it remain the most effective by changing another or more hand's bet % accordingly, to make up for that fact that now many of the previously bet hands are NOT betting purely as a result of the simplification.

My apologies in case the question doesn't entirely make sense, I am very new to solvers and other poker software and just beginning to understand how to use them.

In case it is important, I am currently using the free version of the software.

Thanks for any responses