First started winning cash



Rock Star
I played MTT tournaments, but did not win (bad beats), although I did everything right, I think... After a month of playing with different players in cash, I earned almost nothing, but in the last days I began select players known for me. Do you know what? Hell, software really works for pokerstars! I was skeptical of him before because my brain resisted new information. But the last 3 days I have been studying various stats and actively using them. This helps a lot to study opponents, revealing all the information about their playing style. Of course, personal notes and observations supplement all the information, and when you know what to expect from an opponent, playing is very easy.

At the moment I have added such a table of stats for each player:

Total hands | Stack's Size BB | VPIP
LIMP | Agg | Won%
PFR | FCB | Postflop Agg
RFI | ST PCT | Steal Success

Some indicators seemed to me virtually useless, so I did not turn them on. Can you share your observations on this subject? Or will this set with a color range of values ​​be enough to play profitably in cash tables?
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