Cliche - HEM or PT



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Feb 14, 2016
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Hi guys

Now I understand how you all feel reading the same posts over and over again but I am a newbie so I guess I get to play this card :)

I am currently using the PT4 trial and it has been amazing. I never really appreciated the simple smooth interface as I guess I crave for the fancy subconsciously however just after using it for a month I have been able to be a ted bit over the break even line. And that from me is big!! I was/am a fish and started online poker from my ipad after I got bored with Zynga :p Also I covered my losses from the online casinos, which was half my BR, by playing TAG and relying on the HUD.

I have tried HEM as well but just for a day or two. Although it is a bit fancy I did notice some glitches especially the part where sometimes the HUD just disappears from the tables and returns after some random actions. However I have heard some experts say that post session analysis is simply next level using HEM. Frankly I am just accustomed to PT and switching would be a bit convenient for the initial period only.

My major concern is that both these software have been in the market for sometime now and their newer versions should be coming out soon. Knowing this, although they do offer support for roughly 2 years, should I be buying any one of the product or just wait it out (if anyone knows when the new version is expected that would be great).

Anyway I would really appreciate if someone could explain me the real edge one has over the other or when I should be making my purchase.

Thank you All!