Advanced HUD usage modifications?



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Aug 18, 2018
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I'm new to HUDs but am in love with how much they have catapulted my win-rate overnight. I have no desire to learn how much money i've burned by not getting one sooner.

I'm now obsessed with HUDs and have been comparing Drive HUD and PT4 the past month and have walked away with several questions regarding how to modify and maximize HUD usage. Would love love love some help on how to use/access PT4's HUD features in the following ways...

-Is there any way to not allow a villains hands dealt while inactive to be added to a player's stat profile? This is significant because if a player is inactive for some reason for 100 hands and all those hands are logged...annnnnd then the villain begins playing after 100 inactive hands; my stats on the given player will be incorrectly skewed and I will likely end up playing too tight against said villain.

-Is there any way i can pull up specific player hand histories on particular board types? For example: If i'm in a pot and betting an overpair out of position on a wet board against a good laggy opponent I need to be able quickly access hands histories against the villain that have a wet board. Or if i could instantly pull up a hand/hands where the villain bet a flush draw (or any draw) and got to show down. It would be invaluable to quickly access how the player played their draw in position and how they played a draw out of position; or if they ever play draws out of position etc. This would be GOLD.

-Specifically within MTT's" Is there any way to get stats/hand histories on players who are playing at other tables? This would be a game changer. I'm always hurt when ACR takes me to another table during a big tourney and i'm suddenly put at a disadvantage because i have no info on the players i just sat down with.

-I'm taking a shot at the Venom tourney (next week i think) and need stats on the players I'd be up against. Any way i can get stats/hands histories from tourneys I'm not playing in? Specifically the venom tourney on acr?

*If not can i input hands manually in specific cases where there are sharks i'm semi-familiar with but play on a frequent enough basis that I'd love to be able to record hands manually into their 'profile' on PT4. Can i do that?

-If I get a new computer can i import the memory profile of my PT4 hud including hand histories, tagged hands, etc?

-One stat I love on drive Hud that PT4 doesn't have is the feature that displays how the given player has been running. That stat/graph has lead to me making some ambitious but correct calls in a couple spots that i'd have never made without seeing that graph.
For example: when a super tight player jams all in, in most spots, I don't even think about it, i snap fold. however when using drive HUD and i see that the player went from being chip leader to 10% of their stack in 10 minutes after losing 3 massive pots...and is now open shoving with 20+ bbs [late in the tourney]? I'm willing call lighter with midish pockets and even some mid suited aces (if last to act).

Is that stat/graph exclusively available on Drive HUD or can i find a way to use it on PT4 somehow?

Those are all the questions i remember having for now...more to come, I'm sure.