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Mar 24, 2007
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No, there was razz, stud, and draw games as well as another he tourney in 73

1973 World Series of Poker - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

But either way, I know it's irrelevant. I was just raggin' on you.

I think that Brunson in the big picture is really no big deal. Yeah sure, he made a lot of dough at the cash tables, but guess what? So did a lot of other people.

Ok, you got me there, guess the one I read about only refers to NLHE preliminary events:

WSOP: History

Nice find there anyway, some pretty huge names I forgot to bring up like Amarillo Slim, Strauss, Moss etc. Barry Greenstein in his book mentions playing against Strauss, I remember him saying the guy was so aggressive that he wasn't able to bet any street, Strauss would do the betting for him lol. There is also another funny line on him in the book, he had a friend on death row that was going to be executed shortly, and the friend was explaining this to him on the phone while Strauss was busy playing in a game where he was losing, and hearing that news Strauss replied something like" yeah that's terrible news, but you wouldn't believe what they are doing to me right now on this table".

Anyway I don't think you should say what Doyle did was no big deal. I wasn't around then so I don't know if it was easy or not to win on the tables, if the competition was mostly donks that had no idea what they were doing. I can imagine that being somewhat true though. They were probably the only sharks in an ocean with tons of fish. But still, for all those guys it wasn't as easy as it is today for some of the pros.