How I Satty'd in the WSOP Circuit Event #1 at Bally's



Nov 27, 2007
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Figured I would tell this story, since I found it to be a fun one. I spent the last week in Vegas to visit family and play a little poker. I was fortunate to hit 2nd place in the first tournament I played at during my visit at the Golden Nugget and had a 3-way chop for 1st place in the second tournament I played at The Flamingo a couple of days later. The wsop Circuit was in town at Bally's, so I decided to try my hand at it, as they had a $35 turbo satellite to their first event, a $250 Turbo.

Stacks started out with 3000 and 50/100 - 10 minute blinds. About 15 minutes into the tournament, I get QQ and raise. The person in the BB is a woman named Lydia from England, who comes to Vegas whenever the WSOP or WSOP Circuit is in town and is a pretty good player.

Lydia ends up going all-in and I call her. She flips over AA and beats my QQ. And I'm out of the tournament. Normally, this is where my story would end.. And as I'm taking the walk of shame, I was thinking, "it's still early.. I can rebuy once." So I rebuy for $35 to get back in.

They seat me at another as more people registered, and I got a little lucky as they seat me on a table of 3 for late registration people against 2 other players who were playing very tight and passive. It was actually easy pickings off these 2 and I KO'ed one of them as 2 more people joined our table and eventually filled the table. I was beginning to get a large stack and looking pretty good.

After a couple of others were KO'ed, they broke up our table and moved all of us. Soon after that, they moved Lydia over to the table where I was. She sat down across from me, saw me and my stack, and goes, "You're doing much better this time around!" I smiled and that kind of loosened up the table a bit and we all started to become more talkative and chit chatting.

A few hands later, I get AQ on Lydia's BB. I raise, everyone folds. Next hand, I get QQ. I raise, folds over to Lydia in the SB, and she shoves. Lydia may be the chip leader at this point and definitely has me covered, even though I'm probably in the Top 5 chip stacks at this time, too. I think for a moment and go, "I'm not going to let you do this to me again." And I show the QQ as I fold. She laughed and flipped over KK. That got the table laughing and seemingly amazed that I folded QQ pre-flop, but I had that feeling... Lydia was a very good tight player. And she was banking on me trying to get revenge on her, probably thinking that's why I'm raising on her blinds. But I told her, "I don't take anything personal in poker."

Final table comes around and we're the top 2 chip leaders. And the 3rd person who made it, ends up KO'ing the last person. Both Lydia and I qualified and won the satellite along with the 3rd guy.

It was a fun tournament and I enjoy meeting interesting people.

For those wondering how I did in Event #1, I ran card dead most of this time. At 200/400 blinds with a 400 BB ante, UTG raised to 1000, guy to my right called, and I shoved with AQo for 6500. They both call. Flop comes 7-5-2 rainbow. UTG goes all-in for her last 500 chips and gets called. UTG has KQ.. other guy has 99. Turn comes a Q, giving me the lead. River hits a K, tripling up UTG, and I'm out.


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