Winning Strategy for relationships in Poker/Life



Thanks for this nice article. :)

Choosing your partner is somewhere determine these possibilities, and I believe that the right person for you does accept yourself with your joys and mistakes too. And this is vica versa. They are on a level where they can agree from their nature of love, but still using their minds as well. Would be nice if 'love' could be teach in the schools.

I loved the schedule part as well. If you can pre-organise your poker days, she/he can have time to prepare itself for it, and your parter will be able to pre-organize programs too. This is really imortant not to lost next to each other, give each other enough time and space together and even alone. Hobbies are becoming more important as years passing by to having some, and be able to fall in love each other over and over.

The credit card part was something I could never think of, but its an amazing view. To use poker-money for only poker as it is possible. Overthought it, and if you not mix it up, you clearly will be more responsible for each of the bank accounts.

Thanks Ashley Adams to write this article, men in general not always talking about their beloved ones or love but the aspect of poker you cannot hide from your family life too, and we could feel yourself in this one. Uplifting one, good luck on the field and much love with your partner.