Where is the right place?



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Aug 3, 2017
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Hello friends, my name is Victor, I learned to play Poker some months ago and now i am trying to improve my game, for that purpose me and some friends of mine are competing for some kind of ranking. Things will work like that, each week we will be dealt 10 different hands with questions about a subject of poker with 4 answers each, as poker is a subjetive game most of the time there is no a right answer, but there is the most profitable in the long run, and this answer will be worth more points. I thought that if i post the hands here we could discuss them together and see if we could get to the most profitable answer or the "more right" while also disscusing why the other answers are not that good or even why they are bad, this way we could all improve our game together and i think that we could have some very good debates about hands this way. My question is, where is the right place to post this kind of hand to discuss?