When to call all-in bet pre-flop



Rising Star
Hi! I'm new to poker and have been playing online micro-stake SNGs and MTTs on ignition. My question is if you are in an MTT, when should you fold or call an all-in bet pre-flop? The example hand I had was at a 9-handed table early in a $5 buy-in $500 guarantee MTT with 2 positions paid, blinds were 125/250 and I had a less than average stack of 8,470. I raised to 750 from UTG with AJo, folds all around to the big blind who raised all-in with 7,000. I called. Villain had pocket 9s which held out to win the pot and then I busted a few hands later. Was that the right call? If not, at those stack levels, when should you call or fold an all-in bet pre-flop? Thanks in advance!


This depends on several things like, the stack depths, the villans, and the ICM. But with 33 blinds I would not be calling shoves with AJ. In freerolls or if I have a read that the villan will get it in with something like AJ.....then I will call with AK, but otherwise I dont think you should be open calling shoves deep unless you have AA, KK, or QQ. The easiest way to get a precise answer is to input the hand into a ICM calculator. The other thing you may want to do at those stack depths is to adjust your raise size from 3bbs to something smaller like 2bbs then you lose less when you have to fold.