Starting bankroll online vs casino?



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I'm just starting to decide that I want to play a little more serious I have played free rolls and have played multiple buy in tournaments as well but I want to start both online and at my local casino poker room. Was wondering what people recommend for a starting BR for each? (Casino buy ins at my local one ranges from 150-500) thank you!



the ideal is 100 times the value of the entry you intend to play


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the general rule is 50 buy ins for cash games and 100-200 buy ins for tournaments. If you Play just for fun then that doesnt really appl but if youre actually trying to grind up a bankroll it will be pointless to play with 10 buy ins, as the variance will almost always bust you. I'd reccomend playing online first since you can play deposit $1,000 and play $5-$10 tournaments without worrying about it doing damage to your bankroll. Plus online you can find alot of tournaments with alot of entries so one win can be $500-$2000+ with a $10 buy in


Live tournaments presumably dont run all that often, so depending on your personal situation maybe its completely fine to not have a bankroll but simply pay the buyins from your paychecks. After all spending 150$ on an evening in the casino is not really that different from spending 150$ on eating at a nice restaurant with your spouse, and if you happen to score, its just an unexpected bonus.

Online you can play several tournaments per day, so there it makes a lot more sense to give yourself a bankroll and try to manage this in a responsible way. As others have said 100-200 times the tournament fee is pretty standard for MTT players.


Well, if casino was $150, i would not be losing more than 3 to 6 buyins in a day. And it would come out of this weeks paycheck.

Online, i would win enough in freerolls, and that would pay for all my buy ins. When I hit $500, i withdraw and start the whole ball of wax again.


The general rules previously mentioned are good guides but factor in tips, food, drinks playing live. And for online factor un multi tabling and amount of hands you'll see per hr (rake and variance). Adjust accordingly and to what you're wiling to lose.
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