Which "SnG" should I play?

Hello everybody!

This was a doubt that I had until recently and decided to post here to help other people who are just starting out!

In poker everything is about making the best decisions, the one who makes the best ones, ends up reaping better results, without depending on the deck!

The first decision you need to make is: what should I play?

That answer is simple, and it is in all "SnG" internet poker manuals.

But the problem is, which "SnG" to play?

As I don't like to sleep with any doubts, I looked everywhere, but the answer came through a table that I made myself and that I will be sharing below.

The answer is relatively simple:

Everything will depend on the size of your bankroll and the time you have available.

The fastest return is undoubtedly on the tables of 6 to 9 players, with a 33% chance of reaching the ITM, but a return of a maximum of 4 buyins for the first place.

But if you have time, 45 players will have an average return of 14 buyins, the difficulty is greater, as only 15.56% of the players will be awarded.

Now is your decision, to have more chances or to have better results?

comment below what you play and why?

GL Which "SnG" should I play?
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