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Jan 12, 2021
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Good morning to all; I have a problem in the definition of "POT-RATIO", its definition and how to best use it in tables. Can anybody help me? Thank you.


Mar 5, 2019
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Good morning to all; I have a problem in the definition of "POT-RATIO", its definition and how to best use it in tables. Can anybody help me? Thank you.

Thank you for posting.

I am assuming you mean SPR - Stack to Pot Ratio

Your stack is 100bb the Pot is 20BB you have 5-1 SPR
Stack 40BB Pot 20BB you have a 2-1 SPR

Why do we use SPR?
It is a quick and effective way to preplan our bet sizing plans on each street.

In the above examples knowing the SPR allows us to make quick bet sizing decisions.
So if we have a SPR of 5 we would not shove expecting many calls.
SPR 2 we know we can shove and still be called

So using the 5 SPR example for an every street bet sizing plan

Pot 20 on flop we Have a hand where we can stack our villain set etc

We use SPR to determine our flop bet sizing.

If we only bet 5bb flop pot becomes 30BB turn we then have stack 95 so 3+SPR

Turn we bet 10BB Pot 50bb river stack 85bb we have SPR 1.65

Our River shove is large so our V has to have a big hand to call our shove.

So going back to the flop we know with a 5 SPR we need to bet more on the flop to make the river SPR smaller so we can get a higher call %

So if we bet 10bb flop turn SPR 90 to 40=2.25
We bet 20bb turn river SPR is 70 to 80= .875
The river SPR makes the villain call much more frequent with a wider range of holdings.

This is just the basics.
We adapt our bet sizing based on strength of V's range.
In the above example on turn we may only bet 15 on turn as to get the V to call more of their range on turn
The river SPR would then be 75-70=1.07
We then estimate how often V will call shoves based on our V range and decide if we should shove or value bet based on that.

Hope this helps


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Feb 21, 2021
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you mean SPR Stack-Pot-Ratio? It is the relationship that the stacks that are participating in the hand have with the size of the pot.
But you must take into account the relative stack that is the one that is the smallest of all, and that type of stack is the most significant of all those involved in the decisions you make when placing bets or trying to maintain control of the pot.
The intention of the SPR is for the player to pay attention to the size of the pot in relation to his stack, it will depend on many of the optimal or suboptimal decisions that are made.
What paying attention to this relationship provides is to be aware of approaching commitment levels of your entire stack or to keep the pot small if you do not have the advantage at the time of playing the hand, it is the main purpose of the SPR, of course it seems Simple but keeping that variable in mind while playing each hand is something that we must practice to assimilate and keep it present in each hand we play.




Sep 27, 2014
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Roughly speaking, the smaller the SPR, the more we are tied to the bank. If the SPR is < 2, then we are already tied to the bank and cannot reset our hand. For a detailed study of this indicator, you need to read the book "No Limit Hold'em for Professionals", written by Ed Miller, Sunny Metta and Matt Flynn. There is a very detailed description of the SPR and its impact on the game.