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Just a quick question about pot odds for anybody who may know.
I can't remember the source, but I remember reading somewhere that pot odds apply more to cash game strategy and not as much in tournament play. I'm wondering if this is correct. It kind of makes sense in a way due to the fact that in a tournament your stack is your life, whereas in a ring game it's just another 1up. (please pardon the video game analogy.)


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I'm guessing you're distinguishing between the fact that a +EV play in cash nets you a dollar for dollar benefit (i.e., if you win $100 chips, you've won $100) versus the accumulation of chips and so there's a disconnect. Losing your last 1000 chips is more "costly" than accumulating another 1000 of chips.

So, for instance, if you knew a certain play had a 55% chance of success that you had 50% pot odds, it would be +EV in a cash setting, but may be -EV in a tournament setting.

Try googling ICM. Here's a thread on cardschat w/ more info: https://www.cardschat.com/forum/learning-poker-57/icm-theory-how-do-you-use-422417/

It's also discussed in Dara's book: https://www.cardschat.com/forum/tou...-okearney-satellite-specialist-ask-me-425223/


It applies to both. It's easier to calculate pot odds online tournaments as they always display the pot amount, whereas in live games it can be difficult. Use them when you bet, call or raise, it's to your advantage. Good luck.
Evan Jarvis

Evan Jarvis

Pot odds apply to both cash games and tournaments.

What you're referring to is that sometimes in tournaments we may pass on a spot where we have the right pot odds, because the implications of potentially getting knocked out of the tournament outweigh them.

BenCB refers to this as a 'risk premium' which is basically an extra handicap you have to include in your calculation to justify a close spot.

In cash however because finishing position doesn't matter the odds (also known as ChipEV) are all that matter, because there are no extra considerations.

HobokenNJ also made a great point about the dollar benefit of future chips, and that's where you can get really deep into the true value of chips :)

So yes, they apply equally to both, but tournaments have additional factors to consider on top which affect the odds.
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