Poker Tips: Learn To Steal Blinds Frequently



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Mar 23, 2018
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Blind stealing is the first foundation of the poker predator game. Let it be clear now:
learning to steal blinds is a must if you want to become a winning player. Score.

Blind stealing is a skill that you must master as soon as possible. You must feel
comfortable raising when you have a good position, even if your cards are not much. That
it will be of great value not only in cash games, but also in tournaments.

What is stealing blinds?
Blind stealing consists of making a raise in a good position so that all your opponents
run and you take the blinds from the table. Your intention is to take the pot immediately and not let anyone
see the flop.

Why steal blinds?
Because small pots, when added together, make the difference between profit and loss, between
finish a tournament in the money and lose in the bubble.

Most poker hands don't go to the showdown. They are decided beforehand. So it's important
show willingness to take the blinds when the time is right. And his initiative to steal
blinds will put you in a good position to steal the pot right after the flop, in case the blinds steal fails
right and the opponent calls your bet. It's all right. This is good and will only increase your profits.

This strategy already sets you apart from the absolute majority of players, who want to see a cheap flop for
see if you can make a monster hand. A big mistake you can make is getting into the pot
thinking about flopping big and taking the entire stack from an opponent. It does not work. Do not do
that. You can even win a big pot, but you will end up losing everything you won little by little,
when trying to flop something and fail, which happens most of the time.

Another problem with thinking that way is getting emotionally attached to the hand and you won't be able to let go of your
letters even if it's in your face that you lost.

Always focus on the blinds. All the time, all the time. The important thing is that you take the blinds. Be worried
to make the pot big later, according to the situation. That's how a predator should think.

Principles for stealing blinds
1 - You must be in a good position
2 - The table must have shown weakness until its turn comes

You will still better understand how your position in poker works, but now you just need to know that
for the theft to work, you need information. And you only get information when you are one of the
last to play.

Being one of the last to play, you will be able to see the table showing weakness. Showing weakness is the table
fold until it is your turn or you have only limpers, players who call the blind but do not raise.

If no one raises until it is your turn, the table has shown weakness and you are in good shape to
try to steal. Raise at least 3x the size of the big blind. Do it without fear.

It's that simple! You will be surprised how you will take pots that no one will even try to defend

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Sep 7, 2018
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Good post. I like being on the button and all check or fold before me. I bet 3x pre flop regardless of what I'm holding


Apr 8, 2015
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A good post.

Stealing blinds is typically what makes a winning player over the long run. Hitting hands should balance out over time, but knowing how to extract value as well as stealing blinds is what builds that difference.

This is one of the many reasons why its so important to always paying attention and finding those moments to grab an extra pot, even the small ones.


Jan 30, 2017
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I incorporate that strategy in my game as well.

I caution though that many players are loose and come over the top frequently or call your raise.

When you do continuation betting to represent the raise sometimes it gets spoiled by flop texture since the person calling could also have a big piece of the flop.

Make sure when you steal blinds to at least have a decent hand in case your opponent goes the top.


Sep 10, 2020
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Alo worth noting that when you're in the blinds to watch out when this is happening to you. A good 3-bet to stand your ground might make them think twice!
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