Mistakes poker player inevitably make

Jay R

Jay R

I play poker occasionally & I’ve observed errors poker players & pro poker players make over & over. It’s over betting or bluffing.
It is true poker pros do both all the time & you should to. But inevitably the more cautious player will go further more consistently than the reckless over player.
For example Phil Helmuth is a cautious player who occasionally bluffs & overbets, but he will beat 99% of players consistently because he cautiously evaluated his spots. He will fold his good hand much more when the board says look out for the flush or straight etc. It’s better to have some chips left than none when you are beat.


Rock Star
I disagree. Overbetting and bluffing can be errors but I'd say when a pro does them, it's less likely an error and more likely a strategic play. Typically, you can't become a pro unless you make fewer mistakes than your opponents so if you see a pro make a play that doesn't seem right, you probably have misunderstood their reasoning. I agree that there are many more overbetting and bluffing errors at lower-stakes tables.


Overbetting and bluffing have their place on the poker table. The scenarios of the hands help the skilled poker player know when to do these things. We should study the pro strategy when they are pulling these plays so that we lower-stake players make less mistakes with this.


There's no way not to make a mistake ever, because poker is a game of incomplete information and the other players aren't all morons.

You just gotta evaluate each hand, each spot, and play accordingly.

There's no such thing as you should ALWAYS do X and Y when Z. When you become predictable, then you lose.

Like I play tight -- usually. But I definitely am bluffing sometimes. They just don't know when.

If you notice they almost always fold when you value bet, then you got a problem and need to adjust your betting range.

If you notice they call a lot when you are bluffing, then that's also a problem and you need to bluff less.