How to act in UTG



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It is always recommended to act in early positions with monster hands (AA, KK, QQ, AK); but what is recommended to do in very good hands (JJ, TT, 99, AQ, AJ, AT, KQ) without putting our pot at risk?
Andrew Popov

Andrew Popov

There is no definite answer, you must consider the composition of the players who are sitting behind you. You will be happy to raise the pot or see the flop at a low price, but you are unlikely to be pleased with an aggressive play with a poor hand.


There is no uniquely winning poker strategy in this position. Players' moves are influenced by a variety of indicators and the ever-changing table environment. You should carefully calculate all the actions of your opponents.
However, here are some tips for beginners:
If there are high pairs, you can raise the bet. This is also possible if you have tall connectors on your hands and they must be of the same suit.
The one-time raise must be more than three big blinds. This is done with the aim of eliminating opponents so that they cannot improve their hand in the future.
Even if you are at a disadvantage, it is possible to enable some weak connectors. It is important that they fit.
Queens and Kings can be another good combination of cards. And some players even enter the game with cards ranging from ten to ace.
Therefore, when you play UTG poker, you should not call. You should only raise if you have good cards in your hand.