Hilarious freeroll moments



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Nov 12, 2020
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So, I have 2 stories that I have to share from playing freerolls on NLOP. An entire site of people who do not care playing poker has moments.

Last night this dude went all in in the UTG spot. Person in BB is shorter stacked, but goes all in as well. Cards revealed with initial aggressor having A4 os. The BB had 10 8. BB wins with a pair of 8s over a pair of 4s. The ones of us who have played there a little while make comments, with mine being that the moral of the story is that you should not go all in with Ax. 2 hands later, same 2 people do same thing. The guy has AQ and the guy who won the previous hand had 7 6 or 8. Flop comes and 7 7 7. We all had a good laugh because as it was pointed out, I had said Ax should not be an all in.

So, a few months ago, this person goes all in with 8 2. No clue why, but he easily loses to a pair. His parting comment was that it was all rigged. Explain to me how being the aggressor with almost the worst hand possible shows a place is rigged?


Aug 7, 2020
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Your story only confirms the difference between a professional player and a beginner. Since this is just a game of skill. Of course, there will always be those who say that only they should win. Although they themselves do not even try to think about the quality of their game, they can only blame someone for their incompetence.