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Aug 8, 2020
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Hi Everyone,

I will share the story first without what the hole cards are for villain and myself. I want to know your thoughts as an outsider as to what you believe each player has and why they made the decisions and then finally knowing what the cards were, you opinion on the play from either side. In your replies, please try to take a stance on one person's play since I am wanting to gain a better review on overall commonality of the situation and estimated results in other positions.

No Limit Holdem - 2nd to last hand of the night of 7 hours of play and stakes are $0.50/$1, most buy-ins were $300. 6 players left (about 1.5 hours of play 6 handed) and we had as many as 15 players come through with no massive winner but a few donators.
Hero is SB mildly aggressive all night - $450 (bought in for $300)
Rock is BB - $175
Villain is UTG and straddled mildly aggressive all night - $400 (bought in for $200)
Passive - $150
Super Passive - $75
Aggressive is button - $250

Preflop: SB, BB, Straddle, fold, fold, fold, H(SB) raises to $17, fold, V(UTG) raises to $40, H call
- mood is good and finishing beers for most players and other talking about how the night has gone with some quads, and a straight flush

Flop: Th,7d, 4d - H bet $50, V calls
- mood V reminds he needs to go home as in trouble with wife for staying out until 3am on a Wed (so this will likely be his last hand played as he hates playing last hand of the evening as he gets a huge swing if he plays that hand and scares him)

Turn: 6h - H shoves all-in ($360 on a pot of $180) after 10-15 seconds of thinking, V thinks for a good 2 minutes and stands up then sits back down for about a minute. Says I really hate this situation and the smart move in my opinion is to fold and keep my winnings here, then shows his cards.

River would have been 3s for those who like to rabbit hunt.

Please think about your reply here as below is what happened after V made his statement. Cards are written in white to hide as best as possible, you can highlight to see the cards.

V cards were KK. H says thank you for folding as we both now survived and had profit for the night and shows QQ. V says excellent shove and if earlier in the night I would have called.