Gambling addiction



Can a gambler ever become a good poker player? I ask this because over the course of 5 years I have considered myself a poker player. It in reality and patterns I would now call myself a gambler. It goes something like this. Deposit$100. Win 2-300. Feeling good. Loses bad hand that I either feel I should of won or it was simply unlucky. Go chase the losses. Play wayyy outside of bankroll. Lose it all. Tell myself no more poker for awhile. Start watching a twitch stream or YouTube video. Get pumped. Read a bit of a book. Feel confident enough to deposit another 100. Win 2-300. Bad beat. Chase losses go down to $0. It has been a never ending pattern. I do not put my family at risk with the losses and I never deposit more than I can. But has anyone actually had this behatand overcome it. I should add when I’m playing out of my bankroll it feels good at the moment almost a euphoric state


I think gambling addiction is a very important issue that must be taken seriously.
In your case, the fact that you have self-imposed a limit of funds to play poker, and that you have not bet with your family's finances, is an indication that you are a responsible player.
If you have anguish about the way you spend your poker money, you may have to read more about the management and control of the bankroll.
In terms of playing out of banking, this means playing incorrectly. Because you do not leave room for the cycles of bad spells, which always exist in poker, and you need to win. (The famous variance of poker)
Imagine that you want to send a ship to the moon and when you are ready to launch it into space it does not have enough speed to penetrate the atmosphere. What will happen? Well, the ship will not be able to reach its destination
In poker something similar happens, you need to play with the correct bank to be able to get where you propose. Otherwise it will be an impossible goal to fulfill.
If you feel insecure when you play, maybe you should study a little more about poker theory and psychology.
Remember that patience is an essential element to improve in this game.
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