ChuckTs Turbo SnG Disciple Video (I Suck!)



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Jan 17, 2008
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I've been running through microstakes SnGs pretty successfully and thought to record one. Of course, the one I play worst in is the one I post.

Ok, you'll notice two things about this video:

1) I am awesome at video compression. My video is crystal clear, 23 minutes long, and is only a 20mb download. Boo-ya.

2) I made some severe misplays. I think my mind wanders because I'm distracted about it being recorded and you can tell from the commentary.

Anyways, if you're bored please do check it out, and post any comments about my play. I do a running commentary about what I am thinking, so obviously, some of my thinking is wrong. After watching it three times, I made a list, but would love to match it up with others before I post.

Anyways, the video:

[broken link~tb]
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Feb 2, 2005
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Watched it earlier and thought you played it perfectly. Lots of swinginess in the turbos so I wouldn't let those beats shake you up. Well played sir :)

Can't remember if I wrote this down in the other thread, but go ahead and get yourself an ICM calculator as it'll help with those close decisions (like QJ) when you're not sure you should push or call. There are a few free ones out there.


Jan 8, 2007
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I wrote down all my comments, and Im kind of surprised by ChuckTs post, I actually didn't think you played it all that great at the end. I play these much more aggressively at the end although I never play just to make the money, I am always trying to win. I also have absolutely HUGE swings while playing these and has caused me to stopped playing them. Anyways, here are my comments:

You talk about your image a lot throughout the video, but the truth is in a 2.25 Turbo S&G there really arent too many people thinking about anything other than the cards in front of them, I wouldnt worry about image as much

AKs ~ 12 BB - You raise it to 300, I prefer to just shove this b/c you want to see all 5 cards, you don't want to have someone call, you miss the flop, and then have to fold

QQ in the SB - I like shoving this one too

77 on the Button with the loose player limping in front of you - You are sitting on 11 BB and I push this as well. Nieteerste could have absolutely anything there, 77 is ahead of her range if she calls and you have a good chance at taking down 300 chips

A2 in the BB with the loose player limping - I might shove this, but I dont mind the check either, not sure about that river bet if you can call that or not, tough decision

A6 in the BB - Good shove, you had to do it, especially with nieteerste limping, theres extra dead money in the pot

A10 in SB - Standard shove, got a little unlucky

56s on the Button - Have to shove, you get lucky and take it down without a showdown

44 UTG - Standard shove

Q8o in the CO - Folded to you with 5 BB, you have to shove this. You say you're not desperate, but you definately are. If I ever get to 5 BB in one of these I will shove any 2 cards in the CO or Button if its folded to me

Not related to your play, but you talk about psycho blowing it, he didnt really blow it, I think he played pretty well and he just got unlucky running into KK. If he makes a standard raise there instead of shoving and nieteerste goes all in, can he really fold?? I like his push there with AQ

66 UTG - Less than 5 BB, standard shove

Ok, wow, you are playing way, way too tight at the end of this. I would be shoving Q2 suited folded to you on the button with 5 BB and you definately MUST shove QJo folded to you in the cutoff the very next hand. Also, don't trash talk others and say they suck, its just not classy.

And still playing ultra tight with 2 and a half BB, any time it is folded to you with this low of a stack, u must shove any two cards

I thought you played pretty good at the beginning, not needlessly wasting chips with garbage hands, however at the end you really need to open up. You cant just sit around folding til you have a 2.5x BB stack. When you are under 10 BB, you should be shoving a lot of buttons that are folded to you with a lot of hands.