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Jan 12, 2021
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Good afternoon, without knowing English, in order to read the 30-day course I had to translate it step by step, since when it is downloaded it is in English and does not allow modifications. The point of this post is the videos of the course, is there any possibility that they are translated to be able to analyze them like the rest of the forum members? If it can already be done, I would love for you to explain the procedure to me as I have not been able to do it. Thank you.
Katie Dozier

Katie Dozier

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Jun 2, 2010
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Hi Jose! Thanks for taking the course even though it isn’t in your native language—that is very impressive! I wish I could be more helpful, but unfortunately right now the videos are only in English. Thanks for being so interested in the course that you translated the text, and I hope it still proves useful to you. [emoji4]

Rest assured that should the course become available in more languages in the future, CardsChat will make an announcement. Thanks again!