Calculating EV & Equity?



Jul 31, 2019
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How are we supposed to actually make a calculation? It's all well and good practising by plugging in old hands etc, but in the real world you don't know what your opponents hand is, you don't know what the flop, turn or river are going to produce so how are you supposed to actually use it in real time?

I understand I must sound like a bit of an idiot but I just can't understand how analysing old hand for odds and not just leaks is actually going to help because what are the odds you, the remaining players and the board have the same cards every time?

It's not that I don't believe it somehow works as all the winning players seem to be doing their calculations etc and they are, winning players, but I can't seem to find anything that explains properly how this actually works, all the training stuff I look at really just says that you should be doing it.

If this sounds crazy or just makes no sense I apologise, I'm not 100% sober whilst writing and thinking about this 😂.