busting out in the last 30



Feb 29, 2016
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hey ppl. new here, hope I'm at the right forum.

i think I'm pretty decent on the tables, but i have this problem where i keep busting out in the last 40 to 30 range from about 2000+ players.

I'm usually holding a decent stack and in the top 10, but end up busting out with premium hands, should i be a nit at these stages?

I've looked up a videos but can't seem to find any on this.


edit. i just noticed I'm in the wrong forum. could a mod move this to the tourney forum please?


Jun 18, 2016
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I'd say that you definitely seem like a solid player if you keep ending around that mark. It really depends on how many times you've ended up at that position. Evaluating yourself in poker, as I'm sure you know, can't be done so in just a couple games. Rather, you should keep playing many more tournaments and see if you hit the top 5. While skill will get you to the top positions in a tournament, often luck will vary your finishing position to a large range.
Also, if you're doing that well you also have a good opportunity to watch and learn from your opponents as you can be sure they are solid players.
I'd be careful with what you mean by premium hands too, as the strength of your hand depends on the community cards. Any great hand pre-flop can be knocked down a few pegs by corruption cards