Anyone have idea about this ? which bluff catcher is better?

I am training with my AI [Bot] coach on cash game

limited holdem


table 6max, effective stack - big enough, because it is limited holdem, stack does not mean much.

so I am at button holding [XX]

CO, 2bb open, I 3bb at button
CO = AI coach calls

flop Ah 7d 5d,

both check
turn 8 h
both check

river Q h

I hold, [As9s, KsQs, QsJs]
so river bet 1BB for thin value

AI coach raise 2BB

the EV shows here - simulated [don't have range chat]

KsQs> QsJs> As9s [from computer]


PS: I checked the whole range.
I calculated manually,

should be As9s = 0.63BB, KsQs= 0.37BB, QsJs= 0.23BB

why it different like this?

*bb= big blinds
*BB= big bet= 2X big blinds

thanks in advanced

to simplify question: any idea As9s, KsQs, QsJs, block exactly the combos in this situation?