My poker life

When I start to play poker before 15 years, I thought about to be a professional player, it was a very interesting game for me, because I was lucky in my first online tournements. But for some reasons the good luck disappears, and I start to get some strang bad beats in arrow, in a critical moments of the tournements. I remember to lose some hands like A-A against A-Joff, or A-A against 7-2... It was for me a big shock. I sent a very serieuse e-mail to the responsables of that website, they explain to me that it's only due to the bad luck! But it was realy something very strang, and that push me to stop playing online.
So, I started playing cach game in casino, and it was a big succes for me. I won almost every day without any problem. I forgot about playing online except somes freerolls.
I don't know to much about the credibility of poker websites, but my experience teach me to be carefall and not to be optimistical.