Copycat Poker

A few (by that I mean some...don't know how many and I am too lazy to count back) threads ago, I was talking about the rise of push/fold poker. I have been some analysis into it (tracking hand histories in different buy-in levels and getting them from friends to look at...I know, I'm a super nerd and I really don't have the free time to do this, but it intrigues me) and what I have come to discover is that poker is really a copycat game.

I have seen a lot of plays that were anomalies (limping UTG with AA, donk betting 1 BB from the BB into dry boards that aren't favorable for the original raiser's range, ect) become more and more common over time. Aside from the rise of the push/fold player, I have seen a lot of new trends. I already mentioned a few of them and I am sure that if you pay attention to the games you are playing, you have noticed some too and I hope you will share them in this thread.
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