The flow-playstyle concept.

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Yin-yang isn't exactly what this is about. I don't say play perfectly in between TAG and LP or in between LAG and TP but rather to understand what a mistake in a cash game really is.

If you are caught bluffing, you MUST use this table image severely when you actually hit a hand. If you bet as soon as the cards showed, were called and are caught bluffing but then when you hit a good hand check-raise, you can't assume the player won't think "ah, he has it now" whereas if you bet big to begin with they may call you thinking it's a bluff.

In reverse of that extreme, if you are consistently caught either semi-slowplaying (AKA underbetting) or being rather passive in general and no one is paying you off by trying to bully you off hands, this is a table / set of opponents where you want to be a regular bluffer (until caught that is). In order to ensure you aren't caught too costly, keep your bluffs low in general.

Every mistake in a cash game (unlike in a tournament) can result in profit later on due to the ability to rebuy a very decent sized stack and use the previous outplays ON YOU against the enemy.

One thing though; make sure you are paying close attention to the enemy as well. Just because you were caught bluffing before doesn't mean the enemy isn't sitting on four of a kind here... So even for a hand like w-pair take care if vs a very tight opponent who is suddenly betting hard against you (and whose AF is not all that high, for HUD users).

Basically, every time you don't profit in a cash game, it gives you the very playstyle with which to get profit, then immediatley switch into an 'in between' state until the next outplay happens and you can then win chips playing different.

TAKE NOTE: Sometimes when you win with a bad-beat or cooler hand this also can be reason to switch up your style.

The only time to not switch your style against an opponent is if they consistently either take a hand to showdown or don't go to showdown. Against the former keep playing passive/low-bets (this will also not discourage them from playing that way, they will think you are being nice to them and enjoy it) with the latter kind, keep bluffing again and again (but again with low bets, these styles will punish you hard if they hit a superstrong hand as you won't know it until it's too late if you bet big).

Good luck at the tables.