Pure Play Poker

All of the online sites are the same, GET REAL, BE SERIOUS, it's gambling, so someone was cheating, embezzling, stealing or worse and it was time to be greedy and cover there ASS and close down. There are always new problems with ALL of the gambling sites, except for Sportbetting.com but haven't been able to get into my account for years because of website issues, luckily I had no real cash in my account, but by far they appear to be very reputable and give bonus cash for deposits at all times.

In any case, I had over 86 million in free play in chips, never paid a cent and was up to 9000 free chips every day on level 69. Yes, it's too bad, it's amazing it stayed afloat for so long considering the challenges, it was fun, cheap entertainment, a learning tool and ..
it's only a matter of time before someone copies the idea and the next "pure poker" site pops up.