Live Poker near Munich

So I don't know if anybody here is from Munich, but I'm thinking about getting into live cash games.

Home games are illegal in GER and I'm not looking for dodgy stuff. Casinos in Garmisch and Bad Wiessee are ridiculous when it comes to rake and the lowest limits are 2/4 without cap. Of course there are CCC's in Austria and Kings in Czech Republic, but it's always a longer drive or a weekend trip.

For the most part, I'm looking for a sandbox. I can beat 5NL on 888 so I'm no complete beginner. But I would not want to blow a couple of 100s just because I'm not accustomed to casino play.

Any suggestions?

Ah, btw, no tourneys pls. There are a lot in Munich, but I just dont like tourneys for the fact that they take so long.