Battle of the Sexes

Which sex is better at poker?

Regular visitors to will know that we recently ran an in-depth survey into online poker habits in the hope of gaining some interesting information and were ready to reveal the results!

A total of 400 of our forum members took part and thanks again for everyone who took the time to answer the questions, its very much appreciated.

Having analysed all the answers, weve put together two eye-catching infographics packed with plenty of stats and facts that are bound to get tongues wagging.

First up, weve got a battle of the sexes match-up, comparing and contrasting how men and women fare when playing poker and what they spend their winnings on if they get lucky.

Random poker stats form the basis of the infographic, so check them both out, share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think of them. Enjoy!

Battle of the Sexes

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