WSOP Online Super Circuit Update: 5Dinks4all Turns $200 Into $126,949

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The World Series of Poker Online Super Circuit has paid out more than $4 million and crowned two more champions in recent days.

WSOP Online Super Circuit
Another round of online action has seen two players become WSOP Online Super Circuit champions. (Image: GGPoker)

The first to bag a WSOP Circuit ring and $126,949 was 5Dinks4all. Anteing up in the $200 event on GGPoker alongside 4,845 other hopefuls, the online grinder came through a tough final match to secure the win.

At the start of the Sunday’s final table, 5Dinks4all was sixth in chips. However, after a slow start, a flurry of activity catapulted the Andorran into contention.

Slow Play Leads to Final Flurry of Action

Whittling down 4,846 entries to a final table of nine took a relatively short period of time. Even though players started with 30,000 chips in the Monster Stack event, 12-minute levels ensured play was swift.

By the final table was set, the pace had slowed. Despite the blind-to-stack ratio shrinking, it took 45 minutes to break the deadlock. An all-in from short stack sinqularis ended in disaster. Making a move with AQ, the Belarusian went to the flop ahead of Loazi who heled A8.

After the board ran out A8556, Loazi’s two pair was enough to eliminate sinqularis. That changed the table dynamics and, in just over an hour, eight became three.

At the heart of the carnage was 5Dinks4all. Rising up from the middle of the pack, he embarked on a mission of destruction alongside chip leader Piko1432.

The two players continued to dominate three-handed play, taking out MrWheatToast within a few hands. Heads-up it looked as though Piko1432 would maintain top position. However, a gutsy river bet after 20 minutes of play swung the momentum.

From that point on it was all one-way traffic. Within 10 minutes, a flush over flush showdown went in 5Dinks4all ‘s favor. That hand sent the final pot to the Andorran, along with a WSOP Online Super Circuit ring and $126,949.

WSOP Online Super Circuit Event #12 – $200 Monster Stack Result

  1. 5Dinks4all – $126,949
  2. Piko1432 – $87,855
  3. MrWheatToast – $60,803
  4. TheRealElysioum – $42,080
  5. Loazi – $29,122
  6. tonkatsu&wagyu – $20,155
  7. BigMac_3,73$ – $13,949
  8. GorillaWarfare – $9,653
  9. sinqularis – $6,681

At the same time 5Dinks4all was becoming a WSOP Circuit champion, WhiteChick was doing the same in Event #13.

WSOP Online Super Circuit Continues to Generate Big Numbers

The $400 Colossus was a two-day affair that attracted a staggering 9,603 runners. With the prize pool pushed beyond the $3.5 million mark, Singapore’s WhiteChick banked just short of $500,000 for the win.

Before that happened, WhitChick had to come through 1,429 players on the final day. Over the course of nine hours, WhiteChick was able make the final table third in chips. They soon parlayed that momentum into a tournament-defining lead.

Eliminating Luizftorres14, Money209, KingWilfred, and momosiso, WhiteChick looked almost unbeatable after an hour. Gius2020 had other ideas, however, taking out kimokh in third, and taking the chip lead going into heads-up play.

The momentum quickly returned to WhiteChick though. After regaining the chip lead, a dose of good luck got it done.

Preflop, WhiteChick raised from the button with K6. Gius2020 three-bet from the big blind with pocket jacks and WhiteChick called. Both players checked the 4K4 flop before Gius2020 committed their stack on the 6 on the turn. WhiteChick called with two-pair and clinched the pot after the Acompleted the board.

With that, Event #13 of the WSOP Online Super Circuit was over and WhiteChick had turned $400 into $499,366.

WSOP Online Super Circuit Event #13 – $400 Colossus Result

  1. WhiteChick – $499,366
  2. Gius2020 – $347,922
  3. kimokh – $242,423
  4. momosiso – $168,913
  5. KingWilfred – $117,694
  6. Money209 – $82,006
  7. Luizftorres14 – $57,139
  8. getaxc56 – $39,813
  9. sitting out – $27,740

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