WSOP November Nine Set, Newhouse In Again

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The 2014 WSOP November Nine players happy to have the chance to fight for $10 million.
The November Nine are set for WSOP 2014. Mark Newhouse (fourth from left) is making a historic back-to-back return (Image: Joe Giron/PokerNews)

The November Nine final table of the 2014 World Series of Poker Main Event is set, and it’s one of the most interesting lineups in years.

1. Jorryt van Hoof (Netherlands) 38,375,000
2. Felix Stephensen (Norway) 32,775,000
3. Mark Newhouse (USA) 26,000,000
4. Andoni Larrabe (Spain) 22,550,000
5. Dan Sindelar (USA) 21,200,000
6. William Pappaconstantinou (USA) 17,500,000
7. William Tonking (USA) 15,050,000
8. Martin Jacobson (Sweden) 14,900,000
9. Bruno Politano (Brazil) 12,125,000

The current payouts are listed as follows, with every player guaranteed at least the money for ninth place. Each of the nine men will walk away with that $730,725 and return in November to play for more.

1st place: $10,000,000
2nd place: $5,145,968
3rd place: $3,806,402
4th place: $2,848,833
5th place: $2,143,174
6th place: $1,622,080
7th place: $1,235,862
8th place: $947,077
9th place: $730,725

(Interest accrued during the break will be added to the payouts before the November Nine begins.)

Six countries are represented at the table, more than any other November Nine since the concept began.

Mark Newhouse becomes the first player to ever make two November Nine final tables, much less back-to-back events. He finished ninth at the 2013 WSOP Main Event final table, but is poised to make a much deeper run this year.

Martin Jacobson is the most accomplished player at the final table, having accumulated more than $4.8 million in live tournament earnings alone prior to the Main Event. The guarantee of ninth place money in this tournament pushes him over the $5.5 million mark.

Stay tuned for more details tomorrow on the players, leading up to what will undoubtedly be an exciting November Nine.

Event 65: $10K NLHE World Championship Main Event (Day 7 of 7)

When the 2014 World Series of Poker $10K NLHE Main Event began, three initial starting days brought these tournament numbers into view:

Entries: 6,683
Prize pool: $62,820,200
Place paid: 693
First place prize: $10,000,000

Day 7 was the final day that all players gathered together to play down to the November Nine. There were 27 players to start the day on Monday but only nine seats available at the final table.

Play started at a faster pace than many expected. With payouts at $286,900, there were several casualties at the start of the day:

27th place: Sean Dempsey
26th place: Brian Roberts
25th place: Bryan Devonshire
24th place: Kyle Keranen
23rd place: Yorane Kerignard
22nd place: Iaron Lightbourne
21st place: Leif Force
20th place: Dan Smith
19th place: Scott Palmer

The final 18 players then redrew to two tables and played on with $347,521 guaranteed for the next three bustouts. They happened to be:

18th place: Scott Mahin
17th place: Andrey Zaichenko
16th place: Eddy Sabat

The next three spots paid $441,940, and those who captured payouts at that level were:

15th place: Thomas Sarra, Jr.
14th place: Oscar Kemps
13th place: Craig McCorkell

Action slowed a bit at that point, until William Pappaconstantinou doubled through Christopher Greaves, leaving the latter crippled with just 150K chips. The latter then moved all-in against Jacobson and lost to capture $565,193 for 12th place.

Just a few hands later, Maximilian Senft lost his stack of chips to Mark Newhouse, forcing the former out in 11th place for $565,193.

The final 10 players then redrew for seats at the one remaining table, and action moved along with William Tonking doubling through Martin Jacobson on the sixth hand of play. About 10 hands later, Andoni Larrabe doubled through Luis Velador, forcing the latter to the bottom of the leaderboard with just 10 million chips. Velador lost even more chips in a subsequent hand with Tonking, pushing him down to 6.8 million. Velador then risked his short stack with pocket fours but ran into the pocket fives of Mark Newhouse. Both made full houses with three aces on the board, but Velador’s was only good enough for a tenth place exit from the tournament, worth $565,193.

And then there were nine. They will return to Las Vegas in November seated as follows, with these corresponding chip stacks:

Seat 1: William Pappaconstantinou (USA) 17,500,000
Seat 2: Felix Stephensen (Norway) 32,775,000
Seat 3: Jorryt van Hoof (Netherlands) 38,375,000
Seat 4: Mark Newhouse (USA) 26,000,000
Seat 5: Andoni Larrabe (Spain) 22,550,000
Seat 6: William Tonking (USA) 15,050,000
Seat 7: Dan Sindelar (USA) 21,200,000
Seat 8: Martin Jacobson (Sweden) 14,900,000
Seat 9: Bruno Politano (Brazil) 12,125,000

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