will Launch in Ontario on Sept. 30

GGPoker players in Ontario are receiving notice that they will soon have to migrate to as the site prepares to go live on September 30. 

daniel negreanu

Daniel Negreanu will represent via GGPoker in the poker champion’s home province Ontario when the site opens next Friday. (Image: Mark Gorman/PokerCentral) will be the sixth site to launch in Ontario since officials in the Canadian province decided to tax and regulate the online gambling market, which opened for business in April. The site is a little late to this market, as 888poker, BetMGM (and its skins, partypoker, and bwin) all launched in April, with PokerStars joining in late June.

It may sound like players in Ontario are lucky its government decided to tax and relate the online gambling space, but it’s terrible for its online poker consumers for a number of reasons.

Legalized online poker comes with fewer choices

Before Canada allowed its provinces to decide whether or not to stop its residents from accessing global gambling sites, including poker, players in Ontario had dozens of online poker sites to choose from.  

But, since Ontario decided to geofence its residents by passing restrictive gaming regulations, players there have lost access to the global online poker rooms and their global player pools that allow for tournament prizes to climb into the stratosphere. 

Ontario law dictates that players must be located within the province’s borders, and the sites only provide access to those players. That smaller pool of eligible players limits the amount of money that can be won through tournaments.

GGPoker, whose software will run, continues to allow players in Ontario to access the global market as it prepares for launch. That, however, will end soon.

Notice GGPoker players in Ontario began to receive earlier this week about (Image: GGPoker)

What happens to current GGPoker players’ accounts?

Since it’s essentially the same GGPoker software, current accounts will automatically be transferred over to, but some steps will have to be taken before playing for real money on the site.

Players began receiving their “pre-onboarding” notices when they opened up their poker app on Monday, with instructions on how to comply with Ontario’s regulations.

Existing verified players will have to give the site additional personal details, and players who haven’t gone through GGPoker’s verification process will be required to provide a valid photo ID. But because it’s a brand-new site, current players will have access to the same welcoming bonuses that will be available for all new players. 

Also, Ontario players will be allowed to have two accounts: One to play on in Ontario, and one to play on GGPoker in the other Canadian provinces and elsewhere.

What about current account balances and earned promotions?

Cash and tournament ticket values will be changed from US to Canadian dollars using the exchange rate at the time of migration. Today, the Canadian dollar is worth .75 US cents.

Promotions earned through GGPoker will be erased, but according the FAQ provided, “all players migrating to will be able to take advantage of all of the new player promotions being offered.” Also, all requested cash-outs will be processed before goes live.

The stable of GGPoker ambassadors, including Ontario’s own Daniel Negreanu, will represent

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Mike wrote...

This province sucks restricting choices for nothing people go to casino and government makes enough money out of it already GG poker gave up online casino . Now we have no money polls to make or chances to make money.. these moves will kill all the online poker sites in Ontario It’s just how French Canadian runs the province I really Hate this province such a shit hole .


buzzard mcgee wrote...

OMG nOOoooo. Poker migration to!! I want to be able to play with people from all over the world, not just a small pool of people from Ontario. My crooked, deceitful, lying, scamming, poor excuse for a Government is able to dictate where its citizens can play and who they can play with? I saw fellow Canadian Mr. Neagreanu supported this decision. WTF is he supporting? Suppressed poker. Man he must be getting paid a lot of money to actually make that bullshit statement. So he agrees and thinks Canadians should be limited at the table by who they play. Canadians can’t play people from Brazil, Macau, Thailand, Russia, China, Taiwan, Germany, Japan, France, Belgium, Greece, Finland or any other country but their own?!? Sounds like discrimination. GG poker should of stood up for the rights of Canadians to be able to play a fair, respectful game of poker with people from all nations. A Lot of people lost respect for Dan and think he is a sellout. Please stop the migration for my account if that’s even possible. sucks. Even with GG software the tournaments and the number of poker players will be very small. It’s just another freedom grabbing tactic from the Tyrannical Canadian government which wants to suppress its citizens’ choices and keep track of every single aspect of people’s lives. That’s good though, right Daniel. Make sure you vote for your pal Justin to ensure more rights are squashed and more people further suppressed.

On the other hand. If all the same tournaments on GG are available in real time on then I am wrong and all is good. But let’s face it, they’re not. The fun days of online poker are dead. Well for Canadians anyway. You will still have a few people clinging on, but the majority will leave online poker if limited to a tiny pool of people. Imagine if GG got forced by other governments in countries with less of a population to shut down your main site. GG would be out of business. Oh wait you can just switch to wsop.taiwan..or wsop.finland…ya right. No players for sure then. It’s the vastness of the different cultures and countries coming together to play a game they love and to bring unity and something in common from thousands of miles away to unite in a game they all enjoy. What a shame this has happened.

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