World Series of Poker 2014 Event Dates Announced

January 2nd, 2014 by Sean Gibson
World Series of Poker 2014 Event Dates Announced

Dates for the 45th running of the World Series of Poker in 2014 have been announced with the 49-day schedule culminating in an exciting Main Event.

Sure, less than two months have passed since Ryan Riess was crowned the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event World Champion, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start looking at what 2014 has in store for poker’s most prestigious event. Eager fans will be glad to know that the dates for the 2014 World Series of Poker (WSOP) have been announced.

The 45th running of the WSOP will begin on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Those who have closely followed the longest-running and lucrative tournament series will note that 2014 marks the tenth straight year that the event will be held at the Rio Convention Center; Binion’s Horseshoe previously hosted the final days of the 2005 Main Event.

Non-Stop Action and Events

The 2014 WSOP will run for 49 consecutive days and feature the series’ packed schedule of gold bracelet events, cash games, satellites and daily deep stack tournaments. However, the highlight of the summer poker festival will be the Main Event. The $10,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em WSOP Main Event championship will span ten straight days from July 5 through July 14, 2014. Saturday through Monday, the first three days of the event, will feature Day 1 starting flights. And on July 14 the final “November Nine” players for the Main Event will be determined.

Players who want to vie for their chance at a seat in a WSOP event (including the Main Event) can go to’s real-money online poker offerings. Potential competitors in New Jersey and Nevada will get the exclusive chance to win those seats. The opportunity extends to both residents and visitors of either state. Buy-ins for the various tournaments start as low as $75. On May 27, cash games will begin and run 24 hours a day for the seven week series.

The opening Saturday event on May 31 will feature a $1500 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em “Millionaire Maker” where the winner could potentially earn a guaranteed $1 million. In 2013, the event had 6,343 entries and a prize pool of over $8.5 million. The winner walked away with $1,198,780.

Return of The Drop

After a year on hiatus, Big One for ONE DROP will return for its second time on Sunday, June 29. The event was created in 2011 by Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil. ONE DROP is an organization meant to make clean drinking water accessible to impoverished countries across the world. The Big One for ONE DROP gives major high rollers a unique tournament of their own because the buy-in for the No-Limit Hold’em event is $1 million. With a cap of 56 players, the victor could net over $20 million. Instead of WSOP taking their usual rake from tournaments, $111,111 of every buy-in will go to the charity.

Thursday, July 3 and Friday, July 4 will see the return of Little One for ONE DROP as well. A significantly cheaper version of its big brother, Little One has a $1,111 buy-in for it No-Limit Hold’em event. Through the first four levels of the event, players will have unlimited re-entry. For its debut, Little One brought in 4,756 players and a $4.3 million prize pool where the winner received $663,727. Little One for ONE DROP will be the last No-Limit Hold’em event before the WSOP Main Event.

More to Come

The announced events are just a taste of what’s to come for 2014 WSOP. With close to 500 poker tables across 100,000 square-feet of space at the Rio Convention Center, fans should expect a full event-by-event schedule sometime in January. Though events are still being finalized, more than 60 gold bracelet events can be expected, along with No-Limit Hold’em tournaments and other poker variations. Events tailored for seniors, ladies and casino employees are also planned.

The 2013 WSOP brought in the series’ largest attendance with 79,471 participants. A hefty prize pool of over $197 million was generated by 62 events. The Main Event saw Ryan Riess best 6,352 players and walk away $8,361,570 richer. If the 45th installment of the poker extravaganza is just as record-breaking as last year, plenty of people are going to be big winners.

45 Responses to “World Series of Poker 2014 Event Dates Announced”

  1. Mortis says:

    Would love to make it out there this year… hopefully.

  2. Ronald Gionson says:


    Could I please be notified when the WSOP 2014 Main Event schedule will be published or get it sent to me? I am working in Afghanistan and want to put my vacation in for the tournaments I want to play? I would appreciate if you can assist me with this, thanks


  3. george carter says:

    please notify me of the date for the WSOP Seniors Event. My wife has a dental hygiene convention on June 20th and I was hoping the Seniors event was during the same period. George Carter

  4. Rich says:

    WSOP Main Event championship will span ten straight days from July 5 through July 14, 2014. Saturday through Monday, the first three days of the event, will feature Day 1 starting flights. And on July 14 the final “November Nine” players for the Main Event will be determined.


    I am also looking for the Sr. sch. and no search has found it yet.

  6. Lawrie says:

    Can you tell me the date of the Seniors Event please

  7. donna says:

    We are trying to plan our vegas vacation, but, waiting for the complete schedule to come out so my husband can see when the event is that he wants to play in. Please notify me when the full schedule comes out, your page about says sometimes in January, is that still true?

    thank you.

  8. icemonkey9 says:

    When the full schedule is announced we’ll publish a new story. You can also check the WSOP website but our team will do a much easier-to-read recap of all the events once it’s published.

  9. daniel says:

    looking for the dates for the 2014 seniors game any one know ??

  10. rob says:

    my wife and I want to plan our vacation so we can play in one of the events…would you please email mail us when you hear of the schedule?
    thank you so much

  11. galloper says:

    it is very annoying that full schedule is yet to be released. What is the hold up? I live in Australia and am looking to plan a trip around the WSOP seniors event but I cannot find out on what date it will be played. Schedule in past years was released in Decemeber and we are nearly into February without a full schedule. How are overseas visitors meant to plan their trips??

  12. Lyernne Barn says:

    I sure hope someone will put out the event schedule soon. Hard to make airfare and room reservations without it!!!!!

  13. Fred says:

    Typically, the Senior event has always been the weekend of Father’s Day.
    If that holds true again this year, the event would be June 13-15

  14. Jerry A says:

    The WSOP 2014 individual event dates have not yet been released, however, they should be announced very soon. I’m also waiting on the schedule.

  15. Mark Browne says:

    It is January 29 and still no schedule. Please email it out ASAP!I wwould llove to play bbut hhave to aask f titime off!

  16. Lawrie says:

    I guess when WSOP says January they mean sometime on or after Jan 31 !!!!!!!!

  17. Chili says:

    Someone needs to pull there head out and print the damn schedule!

  18. Harold says:

    Won it in 2010 would like to know the dates of seniors

  19. donna says:

    I called Rio yesterday, they gave me the number for the people who publish the schedule, she said it will be at least another week or so. So much for January.

  20. Jeff says:

    the seniors’ event has been the friday before Father’s Day.

  21. The Card Swami says:

    I guess the Senior Event does not have enough players to warrant an advance notice.

  22. Dave Sweeney says:

    Please send me the schedule of events, I want to plan my trip based on the events I plan to play.

  23. daniel says:

    any news on the dates for the seniors game in june

  24. Lawrie says:

    Maybe all the people who run the event have retired or may be they are just slooooooow!!

  25. Otis says:

    I’m almost certain the June 13-15 will be Seniors date but won’t book air and rooms until sure. Sooner will be better than later.

  26. Jody says:

    I doubt if all of us (9) will be going this year because of the slow schedule. It is amazing that the wsop would take a chance of upsetting so many players. it just doesn’t make sense….

  27. daniel says:

    still waiting to hear when the seniors game date are does any one know

  28. WARREN says:


  29. Virginia says:

    Thank you. Would really like to see the schedule so I can book my trip, very frustrating!

  30. daniel says:

    still waiting to find out dates for the seniors game does any one know

  31. Bob says:

    i heard feb. 21st

  32. Aquaman says:

    VERY FRUSTRATING They did this last yr too came out right around valentines day from what I remember

  33. daniel says:

    when will wsop announce the dates for the seniors game

  34. Terry says:

    When will WSOP announce the 2014 schedule?

  35. Bill says:

    I heard they cancelled the WSOP Vegas……lol. Still waiting….

  36. Otis says:

    Just checking the site to see if Seniors tournament date announced. I “know” it’ll be June 13-15 but won’t book flight until I know for sure without quotation marks. Does anybody have any concrete date of schedule release?

  37. TAPIA says:

    When will WSOP announce the 2014 schedule?

  38. DPR says:

    WHERE IS THE SCHEDULE? Some people need to plan out their lives….!!!!

  39. Carl says:

    Hold yer horses guys…………the schedule for 2013 came out on 17 Feb 13….so I guess we have a few more days left until 2014 schedule

  40. daniel says:

    why no word on the dates for the seniors game people need to book rooms and flights

  41. Martina says:

    looking for senior dates as well. ive seen two sets of dates, the weekend of fathers day as well as the weekend before..need confirmation please!!

  42. Lawrie says:

    Dates issued – seniors us a disappointing 6th june

  43. donna says:

    the full schedule is out, I thought this site was supposed to send email when that happened….I guess ball dropped…………

  44. Lawrie says:

    Schedule was out last thursday – Seniors event is June 6 which Is far too earlier for international players

  45. Lynne Barner says:

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how many levels are usually played before you are in the money. I know it isn’t a pat answer, but just wondering on a 3 day tourney, what the guess would be. Ty

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