Virtual Reality Sports Betting Soon to be a Virtual Reality in Nevada

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Virtual sports betting
Virtual sports betting is coming to Nevada. (Image:

Inspired, which is a leading virtual reality sports and mobile gaming company, has announced an agreement with William Hill sports books and the Nevada Gaming Control Board to offer virtual reality sports betting in the Silver State.

Wagers will only be taken at the many William Hill sports books around the state on a trial basis.

Sometime in 2017, sports books all over Nevada will be able to legally offer virtual sports betting. The press release explained the details of the agreement.

“Inspired’s Virtual Sports will be shown alongside live sports in Casino sportsbook areas, and players will be able to place bets in real time via William Hill’s CBS platform both over the counter and via self service terminals.”

In addition, Inspired is currently in talks with a pair of New Jersey casinos (Golden Nugget and Resorts) to bring its virtual reality sports games to the Garden State. It is expected a deal will be made by Spring 2017.

How Can this be Legal?

Sports betting is only legal in Nevada, so there are no issues in the Silver State with legalizing virtual reality sports betting. But what about New Jersey? Many may be wondering how this type of gambling is legal but it isn’t legal to wager on NFL games.

Virtual reality sports aren’t based on actual athletes and sporting events. Federal sports betting laws only apply to real sports. Virtual reality games are grouped the same as online blackjack and slots, which is legal in some states.

Unlike in real sports, the games cannot possibly be fixed by the athletes since there are no real athletes.

When betting on virtual sports, the gambler is, essentially, wagering on a video game. The outcomes are determined by algorithms that use a number of factors to create these virtual games.

The concept of virtual reality sports betting has been popular in Europe for many years. But the industry is entering the United States market for the first time.

Watching the Event Live

Just because the games aren’t technically “real” doesn’t mean bettors can’t watch them live. Most virtual reality games can be viewed just like real sporting events.

You can grab a beer, grill up some burgers, and watch the virtual games you bet on from the comfort of your own home just like a traditional sporting event. The difference is the outcome is determined by algorithms, not real athletes.

Virtual reality has the potential to transform the sports and sports betting industry in the same way daily fantasy sports did.

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