The River with Fox and Amanda: Ep. 1 … Is ACR Rigged?

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Two members of our news staff, Chris Wallace and Amanda Botfeld, have come together to create a poker news podcast! Not to be confused with the CardsChat podcast, which features interviews with some of the biggest names in poker, this new project will cover interesting stories from the poker world each week. In some stories we’ll take a deeper dive, while in others we might simply offer our thoughts, but however we approach a topic we promise you’ll learn about what happened and how it affects the world of poker.

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If you are able, we recommend watching the video on youtube or embedded here on CardsChat because we’ve included pictures of many of the stories and explanations in text below some of them. If you just prefer to listen, an audio version will always be available wherever you listen to podcasts.

On the pilot episode of The River, Fox and Amanda touch on the following subjects:

  • The iNinja poker tour raises eyebrows on Twitter with the Women’s Poker Association’s, ahem, “feminine”-looking trophy. Jokes aside, Amanda thinks trophy culture in poker might just be a good thing.
  • Is America’s Cardroom (ACR) rigged? Ethan Yao (Rampage Poker) seems to think so. Fox isn’t so sure. More on bots and bad beats.
  • Hustler Casino Live has its longest live stream ever… can Live at the Bike give them a run for their money? Also, why is poker’s demographic so valuable (and profitable) on YouTube? Maybe characters like Eric Persson can give us a read.
  • Main Event champ Espen Jordstad defends himself against potential swap allegations. Is verbal binding?
  • Bad beat jackpot busts for over $1 million dollars. Who is the real winner here: the players or the house?

You can listen to the Audio-only version of The River on Buzzsprout.

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