Super Bowl Prop Bets: Will MVP Praise God? What Song Will Maroon 5 Sing First at Halftime?

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The song Maroon 5 chooses to open its halftime set is just one of many odd Super Bowl prop bets you can make this weekend.

Maroon 5 Super Bowl prop bets
Maroon 5 was an odd choice to play halftime at the Super Bowl. Is the football fan demographic really their audience? (Image: Wikipedia)

Prop betting is a pastime for the poker community. So, many of our readers are ready to get some action on the NFL’s championship game. While we can’t provide advice on which sides to wager on, we’ll gladly inform you of the most intriguing – and goofy – betting options.

Maroon 5 an Odd Super Bowl Halftime Musical Selection

And we’ll start with the halftime show. Maroon 5 was a bit of a controversial selection given pop bands are more popular among teenagers and young adults than football fanatics. It’s sort of like having Metallica, one of the all-time great heavy metal bands, perform at a children’s birthday party. Or a Disney on Ice show featuring Dr. Dre with special guest Ol’ Dirty Bastard.

Questionable musical selection aside, there’s potential money to be made on the halftime show.

Which Song Will Maroon 5 Sing First?

*Per OddsShark

  • “One More Night” +300
  • “Makes Me Wonder” +500
  • “Sugar” +550
  • “Animals” +600
  • “Girls Like You” +600
  • “Moves like Jagger” +600
  • “Don’t Wanna Know” +700
  • “Payphone” +1000
  • “Maps” +1500
  • “She Will Be Loved” +1500
  • “This Love” +1500

You can also bet on the attire worn by lead singer Adam Levine. Will he wear a black shirt (-200) or another color (+150)? And will he sport a hat at the start of the show? Yes odds are -110, no odds are -130.

More Prop Bets

Each individual sportsbook – online and offline – offers dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of prop bets for Super Bowl Sunday. You can even bet on God. Well, sort of.

Who Will the Super Bowl MVP Mention First in His Speech?

  • Teammates +175
  • God +190
  • Family or Family Member +500
  • Owner +550
  • City +1000
  • Coach +1100
  • Does not mention any of the above +400

Donald Trump is such a polarizing figure within the poker community. So, for those of you who just can’t get enough of the President’s Twitter feed, you can bet on how many times he will tweet on Super Bowl Sunday. The over/under is currently at 6.

You can even bet on how long it will take Gladys Knight to sing the National Anthem (over/under 1:47). And there are less goofy wagers such as who will become Super Bowl MVP (Tom Brady is the favorite at +125) or which St. Louis Rams player will score a touchdown first (C.J. Anderson is the favorite at +300).

We’ll be monitoring Poker Twitter on Sunday to see how you’re all doing with your bets.

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