Subdued Phil Hellmuth Wins 15th WSOP Bracelet, Ships $5K No-Limit Hold’em Event

July 12th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Contrary to popular belief, “white magic” is alive and well. Phil Hellmuth extended his WSOP bracelet record to 15 on Wednesday, thanks in large part to some timely suckouts heads-up against Steven Wolansky in the $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em event.

Phil Hellmuth 2018 WSOP

Phil Hellmuth won his 15th bracelet, extending his all-time record, for taking down the WSOP $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em event on July 11. (Image: Twitch)

Hellmuth’s win was good for $485,082.

It had been three years since the Poker Brat last won a bracelet, hardly reason for concern if we’re talking about anyone else. But for Hellmuth, whose game is frequently criticized by those who must think winning 15 bracelets is a piece of cake, three years probably seemed like an eternity.

The event Hellmuth won Wednesday was one of 13 bracelet tournaments to start after the Main Event, a scheduling feature that hadn’t been tried at the World Series of Poker for nearly a decade.

Karmic Redemption?

Just days before, Hellmuth was taking serious heat on social media for antics that potentially influenced another player’s decision during a hand on Day 2 of the Main Event. People were calling for WSOP officials to give him a penalty retroactively after he unleashed an obscenity-laced tirade in the middle of a hand, out of turn, in a way that influenced another player’s action, arguably causing the target of his poker ire to bust short of the money bubble.

Phil apparently felt bad, wallowing in bed by his own account before showing up late for Day 3. In a make-good effort, the author of a book about mental fitness called “#Positivity” promised to buy James Campbell in to next year’s Main Event.

(Campbell confirms that Hellmuth has already delivered on his promise.)

Maybe that $10,000 was just a good-karma investment.

It sure seemed like it Wednesday night, as Hellmuth twice got his money all-in pre-flop against Wolansky as a heavy underdog and won, and then finished his opponent off by winning a race.

Hellmuth was on his best behavior at the $5k final table, and it was his day.

Never Doubt ‘White Magic’

Hellmuth won his 15th bracelet by playing his usual unconventional style of play — “white magic,” he calls it. He often led out with a bet from out of position with middling pairs, a play that GTO-centric players frown upon.

“From a fundamental standpoint, if you study the math of the game, it’s easy to see the leaks in Hellmuth’s game,” Twitch commentator David Tuchman said during Wednesday’s broadcast. “But you can’t ignore the results.”

Mike Matusow, whose 2018 WSOP ended abruptly last week due to an illness, had a message for those who are critical of the Poker Brat.

Prior to the $5k NLH event, Hellmuth had a forgettable summer. He had less than $30,000 in cashes and no deep runs before finally getting over the hump to scoop a bracelet and $485,082, which makes up for the many times he swung and missed at the 2018 WSOP.

“After this f*cking summer. I never did anything this summer,” Hellmuth shouted to his rail after finishing off Wolansky.

Matusow wasn’t the only big personality in poker standing up for Hellmuth on Twitter following Wednesday’s big victory.

Hellmuth now has a five-bracelet lead over Phil Ivey, Johnny Chan, and Doyle Brunson on the all-time records list. But the Poker Brat still has work to do to achieve his ultimate goal.

“In 1993, I said I’m going to win 24 bracelets,” Hellmuth said during ESPN’s Main Event broadcast after polishing off his 15th bracelet.

Achieving that goal might seem unlikely, if not impossible, but this is Phil Hellmuth we’re talking about. Never doubt “white magic.”

11 Responses to “Subdued Phil Hellmuth Wins 15th WSOP Bracelet, Ships $5K No-Limit Hold’em Event”

  1. Smokewood says:

    lol at those who think no limit poker is a science…. it is 100% an art and all the math in the world will not stop the white magic!

    Keep on dodging those bullets my brother!!

  2. belladonna05 says:

    Awesome! 15 bracelets is a record that only true haters would besmirch!

  3. 3_6_9 says:

    I recall when Phil seemed to be the one of the “nittiest” pro players ever.

    The way he adapted his game in response to the younger, more aggressive opponents, and analytical online players he was increasingly facing has at times been impressive.

    One thing: He refers to police/firefighters when referring to the victim of his abuse. Wasn’t JCamby33 one of the high buy-in tournament regs (aka pros) on Stars prior to Black Friday?


  4. darthdimsky says:

    hard pressed to argue with the results 😀

    Good on you Phil!

  5. LenilsonF7 says:

    Phil Hellmuth 15th WSOP Bracelet

    Who would have thought that Poker Brat, despite being so criticized and barely spoken by the media, would win its 15th WSOP bracelet and break its own record of other great players like “Phil Ivey”, “Johnny Chan” and “Doyle Brunson.” the list of records of all time.

    Many speak of the mystique of the three years, taking with jest, brutal tone, we can not fail to recognize the genius of Hellmuth, which many are ashamed to recognize, of course the title does not cover their attitudes at the tables and against other players.

    At this point, he has to get better and better and overcome his lack of ethics towards his opponents of play, since this will be the biggest triumph of his personal and professional life. And you, what do you think about the breaking of records and the attitude of Poker Brat?

  6. hugh blair says:

    Nice entrance nice exit Phil Helmuth you have got to admire the results of the man
    great show man.

  7. JeremyDCowan says:

    I hope to see you at the tables soon brother!

  8. antonis32123 says:

    White Magic for ever 😀 Respect to the legend Phill Helmuth , he is one of the kind 🙂 15 bracelets and still counting , Congratulations for this achievement !!!

  9. Luvart says:

    Stu Ungar,Erik Seidel, Fedor Holz and Phil Hellmuth are the four best MTT players ever. Nobody can tell or criticize anything about Hellmuth’s game, as this style of playing have made him the most multi-bracelet winner in the history of WSOP. Congrats to Phil!

  10. shanest says:

    The White Magic reigns. Phil obviously does some really really bad things but you can’t argue with his results. hard to see anyone reeling in his bracelet record anytime soon.

  11. OptiKey says:

    Incredible! How he does it? Probably it’s all a magical aura from the 14 models that accompanied him at the opening of this tournament 🙂

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